Auctionomics’ team comprises some of the industry’s top market-design and auction-implementation experts, so it’s no surprise that our team members have been involved in the most successful and innovative auction solutions in the telecommunications and energy industries. Together Silvia Console Battilana, an economist and entrepreneur, and Paul Milgrom, a Stanford professor, and the world’s foremost market-design expert have built the world’s leading auction consulting firm in the world. They lead a team with long-standing experience designing and implementing many of the largest auctions in history.

Paul Migrom photo
Paul Milgrom

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Professor Paul Milgrom is one of the most pre-eminent auction experts in the world and his book "Putting Auction Theory to Work" is a reference in auction theory. He is Professor of Economics at Stanford University with 30 years of experience in  designing auctions. 

Silvia Console Battilana

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Silvia Console Battilana is an entrepreneur and economist holding a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University. She has extensive experience as a strategist in bidder advisory and auction design. Silvia is a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.

Jon Levin photo
Jonathan Levin is the Philip H. Knight Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business
Jon Levin

Jonathan Levin is the Philip H. Knight Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has successfully advised several fortune 500 companies in high stakes auctions across the globe. He is also part of the team designing the FCC incentive auction and has worked on market design in the healthcare sector.

Gary Epstein

Gary Epstein most recently was Chair of the FCC Incentive Auction Task Force. He led the Task Force and the FCC's successful implementation of the world’s first ever broadcast incentive spectrum auction. He has over 45 years experience as a major law firm partner, FCC official, and public company officer, all in the field of communications law, strategy and policy.  

Ilya Segal
Ilya Segal

Ilya Segal is Economics Professor at Stanford University and his main research areas include design of auctions. He has extensive experience designing markets and auctions and is integral to the team designing the FCC incentive auction.

Yago Saez

Dr. Yago Saez is vice-head of Computer Sciences at Madrid University. He coordinates our technology teams in implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Kevin Leyton photo
Kevin Leyton-Brown

Kevin Leyton-Brown is Professor of Computer Sciences at the University of BC and has lead several software teams for our clients.

Martin Bichler
Martin Bichler

Martin Bichler is professor at the Technical University of Munich. He has assisted bidders and governments worldwide in CCA and SMRA spectrum auctions.

Alfredo Capote

Alfredo Capote is part of the Auctionomics team. Previously he was the Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking, Mexico, Citi, Mexico.

Mohammad Akbarpour

Mohammad is Assistant Professor of Economics at Stanford GSB, where he teaches an MBA course on the economics of marketplaces and a doctorate course on auction theory.

Yuanchuan Lien

Yuanchuan received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University and is an accomplished academic in auction theory. He has consulted many clients on high stakes projects.

Marco Pagnozzi
Marco Pagnozzi

Marco is Professor of Economics at the University of Naples Federico II. He has advised widely on bidding strategies in spectrum auctions and takeover contests.

Asuncion Mochon Photo
Asuncion Mochon

Dr. Asuncion Mochon is currently Associate Professor of Economics. She has lead analysis for our strategists in high stakes auctions for over 4 years.

Jacob Kubik
Jakub Kastl

Jakub is Associate Professor of Economics at Princeton University and has designed many auctions. He has extensive experience with auctions in financial securities.

Andrew Vogt

Andrew is a Harvard graduate and has assisted Auctionomics with spectrum auctions in the US, Canada and Turkey, and with projects on internet advertising and bond auctions. 

Zi Yang Kang
Zi Yang Kang

Zi Yang received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics from Stanford University. His research interests include auctions and market design.

luis low quality
Luis Adarve

Luis Adarve studied at Stanford University. He is an entrepreneur and software expert.

paul cernek
Paul Cernek

Paul is a third-year undergraduate student in computer science at the University of British Columbia. He develops software design for new Auctionomics auction designs.

Emily Chen

Emily Chen is pursuing her Bachelor degree in computer sciences at the University of British Columbia. She is developing software design in conjunction with new Auctionomics auction designs.

Ricky Chen

Ricky Chen is a graduate student in Computer Science & Statistics at the University of British Columbia. He develops software design for new Auctionomics auction designs.