Marco Pagnozzi is Professor of Economics at the University of Naples Federico II, and Director of the Master in Economics and Finance and of the Laurea Magistrale in Economics and Finance. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University and a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics from the University of Naples Federico II. His research focuses on auction theory, industrial organization and information economics. He has published scientific papers in numerous academic journals, including American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Economic Journal, Experimental Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, International Journal of Industrial Organization, RAND Journal of Economics, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy and Journal of Industrial Economics. Marco has been consulted by governments and private companies in several countries on the design of auctions for spectrum licenses, privatizations, electricity markets, natural gas, nonperforming loans, greenhouse gas emission allowances, bank services, medical services and exporting licenses. He has advised on bidding strategies in auctions and takeover contests in Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.K.