Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Console Battilana is a young entrepreneur and economist specializing in game theory and interest groups. She holds a Ph.D. from the Stanford Economics department and has taught graduate students as a Visiting Professor at Bocconi University, as well as speaking at major US universities such as Harvard, Caltech and Berkeley, as well as universities in Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Her co-authors include Harvard Professor Kenneth Shepsle and Stanford Professor Douglas Bernheim, and her entrepreneurial experience began during graduate school, when she successfully started a C-corporation in the higher education industry. Silvia is also very active in the Silicon Valley, organizing networking events that bring together experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, and start-up rookies.

She has co-founded Auctionomics with Dr. Milgrom. Together they have worked on implementing software for complex auctions. She has acted as project manager on several high stakes auctions  across the globe including the U.S., Canada, Australia and many European countries as well as Africa and Latin America. She has devised bidding strategies for many auctions projects including the Canadian 700 MHz, 2500MHz and AWS spectrum auctions, the Dutch and British CCA spectrum auctions as well as the Brazilian spectrum auction in 2012 and many others. Silvia has also been part of various auction design teams and was part of the US FCC Incentive Auction (which grossed over $19 billion) design team. Silvia also advised bidders in spectrum auctions in Morocco (2014), Czech  Republic (2012), Romania (2011), France (2012) and Spain (2010). She has deep knowledge of all major auction formats and has worked across multiple industries, such as spectrum, oil, gas, procurement and financial markets, including the 2014 Canadian GCNET WAN auction, the 2011 Colombian gas auction, the Australian VAGO auction and the Chilean fishing auction in 2009. Silvia also lead the creation and development of the platform for online consumer auctions for non trained bidders.