Our auction consultants have saved billions to clients bidding in high stakes auctions. The Economist reports Paul Milgrom and Jon Levin saving 1.2 billion to a bidder in auction 66. In the 700MHz spectrum auction in Canada, our client paid significantly less than his competitors, close to half compared to one competitor (saving $500m) and only one fifth with respect to another competitor (saving $1.9bn).

Main Stages

The auction outcome is highly dependent on the auction rules that are implemented by the auctioneer. It is important to understand how certain parameters can impact the results. We can already help you during the consultation process when the auction rules are still being determined. At this stage, we can help you identify key factors to identify the right rules before they are finalized. 

An important basis for developing a sound auction strategy is your assessment of the competitive environment and the value of the items you are purchasing. We provide an auction-centric assessment of the valuation analysis you have conducted and identify sources of uncertainty around your values.

To gain a deeper understanding of the auction rules and an intuition of key levers during the auction, we introduce you to essential auction concepts with many hands-on examples and exercises. They may vary in format and content to be adapted for multiple audiences (project teams, top-level executives, etc.).

We provide a full-fledged suite of analysis tools that helps to better extract usable information from the often limited data provided during the auction process. They have proven highly useful in previous auctions and their user-friendly interfaces allow for intuitive usability for easy dissemination to various user groups.

Bid Tracking

The features in our bid-tracking tools allow detailed analysis of round to round activity even in multiple round auctions with limited information.

Scenario and Risk Analysis

We can provide you with tools that are useful in running simulations and allow you to assess the risks of different scenarios.

Game Theoretic Robustness

With the help of our tools, we can assess the optimal strategies in auction processes.

The backbone of any decision taken in the war room during the auction is the playbook. This is a document covering covering several key scenarios and giving an overview over key opportunities and risks in the unfolding auction process. It is used to get executive and board approval for the basic strategy and scenarios.

During dynamic auctions, it is crucial to have a well-trained team on the ground. Our experts can accompany you during all stages of the auction to ensure smooth operations, war room management and strategy execution.



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