Asuncion Mochon Photo

Dr. Asuncion Mochon is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Economics and Economic History at UNED, Madrid, Spain. She has worked with Professor Paul Milgrom at Stanford University. Furthermore, she is coautor of the first book in Spanish about auctions: Mochon, A. and Saez, Y. (2011) Entendiendo las subastas.

Asuncion looks back on a rich experience in bidder advisory and auction design spanning the globe. Among he projects in the Americas, Europe and Africa are  the Canadian 2500, AWS and 700 spectrum auctions, the US FCC incentive auction, spectrum auctions in the Czech Republic, France, Brazil and Morocco. She has experience in multiple sectors, including bonds, procurement and natural resources.

Dr. Mochon received her Ph.D. in Economics with Honors from UNED University and her degree in Economics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Her research has focused on auctions and she has written numerous articles and participated in multiples conferences on this topic. Most of her recent work, both theory and practice, has addressed questions in multiunit auctions and combinatorial auctions by means of evolutionary computation techniques and game theory analysis.