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Auctionomics is a high stakes auction consulting and software firm offering simple, innovative and economically sound solutions to complicated problems.

It was co-founded by the world’s most recognized auction expert Paul Milgrom, the designer of the first US FCC radio spectrum auction. Our clients range from governments needing help in designing and running an auction to fortune 500 companies needing assistance in procuring, selling or bidding in a high stakes auction. The Economist magazine describes one of Paul Milgrom’s successes in saving $1,2 billion to a client when bidding in a spectrum auction.

Our advanced online software products and cutting-edge auction designs give Auctionomics an unprecedented and unparalleled ability to design simple and efficient markets for trading multiple goods, maximizing the gains from trade and creating win-win solutions for our clients, whether buying, selling, or swapping.

Auction to sell

FDetermine product sale mix for highest margin [more]

Auction to Buy

FMinimize purchase or input costs [more]


First online exchange that maximizes margins for both buyers and sellers [more]

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Paul Milgrom

Paul MilgromStanford University Professor, world’s most honored expert in market design and winner of the Nemmers Prize. [more]