Auction Focus

Auctionomics specializes in high stakes auctions. We help our clients in two core areas: auction design, choosing and calibrating the right auction for a particular market environment and bidder consulting, preparing and strategizing bidders in high stakes auctions.

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 Deep Expertise

We bring together a team of unparalleled experts at Auctionomics, including the best and brightest in the world of auction. Our co-founder Paul Milgrom invented the most prominent auction formats used like the SMRA and CCA format. Our team members combine deep theoretical understanding and excellence with long-standing relevant industry experience.

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Our auction consultants have saved billions to clients bidding in high stakes auctions. The Economist reports Paul Milgrom and Jon Levin saving 1.2 billion to a bidder in auction 66. In the 700MHz spectrum auction in Canada, our client paid significantly less than his competitors, close to half compared to one competitor (saving $500m) and only one fifth with respect to another competitor (saving $1.9bn).

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